Could this help moms relax a little?

You decide.

Being or becoming a mom may be a privilege, but it's also downright scary.

Moms, who often were not mothered in a nurturing way themselves, know that their thoughts, actions and emotions shape their child in many ways ... from the very moment of conception.

They do their best to do their best but with so many choices to make, they sometimes long for a safe space where they could slow down and catch their breath. Enter THE ART OF CO-CREATING, a weekly blog from the warm heart of a woman who is captivated by human development, from the cradle to the grave. THE ART OF CO-CREATING tells the story of Zani, a fictional thirty something whose desire to have a baby turns into a many-faceted adventure. On her journey she discovers invaluable (and less useful) information on preconceptual care, prenatal development and other subjects. She learns to weigh natural development, meaningful relationships and contentment against pre-defined notions of success. And she finds more joy …

THE ART OF CO-CREATING was inspired by "One + One = Three: the wondrous journey from conception to birth" written by Dr Melodie de Jager, joined by contributors Mariette Snyman from Calm, Clear & Helpful and Cozette Laubser from Sensible Birth.

Since Dr. Melodie de Jager sees as a gift to the world, you will find no advertisements and no online shop.

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